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Month: March, 2020

The Internet’s Best BDSM porn

I recently spoke about a BDSM site I found that was a bit softcore. I mean the porn was hardcore, there was no holding back there but there was no spanking, ropework or anything like that. It was more about fetishes like mild submission, you know like a girl having her head pushed down into the pillows as she’s bent over the back of a couch and fucked from behind. A bit of choking and such and I had to say that I quite enjoyed that.

It was a welcome break but soon I found I wanted to get my kink on a little stronger and that’s what you’re going to get at the Kink Unlimited network. There’s much less holding back. I can’t really say that it’s brutal, if it was like their sites would not have been legal besides the term is relative and it’s best for you to decide for yourself.

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